Experienced provider of call or contact centre and voice recording solutions

Experienced provider of call or contact centre and voice recording solutions

Call Centre Software

Call or Contact Center Software
An Introduction

Establishing a well run contact/call center must include a reliable software system that will save you time and increase profits. 19 Years in the business and still helping big and small businesses to grow their companies in Africa and the UK, our PC software offers agents an effortless process. Supervisors can observe agent's performance and availablity and dependable data processing makes for powerful analysis. Additional voice recording and ticketing systems offer clients and agents trustworthy support.

Our products offer businesses the following:

• Easy access to call centre performance information, call history and voice recordings.
• Interact directly with your customers via phone calls, sms, email or social media.
• Customizable CRM (Customer Relation Management) software to suit your products and services.
Monitor agent’s performance,  availability and control the productivity of agents.
• Detailed statistical reports on the activity and performance of the contact/call centre.
Voice recording with integration to speech-to-text services make it easy to have voice recordings transcribed to text.
Ticketing system, assist with support to clients - clients obtain a ticket and various agents can work to resolve assigned issue

Call Centre Software vs Contact Centre Software Ever Wondered?


What is the difference between a Call Center and a Contact Center? A Call center focus on incoming and outgoing voice calls and a contact centre (Omnichannel customer support) can manage customers with both voice calls and data applications like e-mail, web-based chat/instant messaging. In some cases, contact centres will include the capability to share web pages sent to and from the customer. We offer both options, email us with your requirements and let us see how we can be of assistance.

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