Experienced provider of call or contact centre and voice recording solutions

Experienced provider of call or contact centre and voice recording solutions

Call Center Software Ticketing System

Ticketing System
Resolve customer issues quickly

Offer efficient support to your inbound clients with a ticketing system. Use tickets for helpdesk and other queries allowing your agents to resolve customer issues fast instead of paging through emails. Clients can create tickets by sending an email or by phoning an agent, whom will manually create a ticket. Other agents can access the ticket system and easily continue with the same matter without having to spend time looking for a particular email or client matter.

The ticket system stores a database of clients. When clients send emails to a specific email the system will automatically create a ticket and appoint an agent. One can make notes on a ticket and any further online correspondence gets attached as notes to the relevant issue. Email attachments can be viewed directly from the ticket in question. As an additional benefit Agents can log how much time they have spent on a particular ticket.


Call Centre Software Email Ticketing System Fixing it fast


• More than one agent can address a current client issue
• Speed up problem solving thus promoting good customer care
• Easily access the issue at hand and track progress on it
• View images and attachments from the ticketing system related to the relevant email
• Make notes so other agents and supervisors can view progress

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